Coffee starts as a fruit which needs to be picked timely, processed cautiously, roasted precisely, and

brewed carefully. When importance is given to every one of these steps, coffee has the power to change lives.

Headquartered in Sarasota, our friend and partner Carl roasts our coffee in an Artisan Xe in St. Louis.

Focusing on light to medium roast profiles, we allow the unique flavors of each coffee to shine no matter 

the brewing method.

Our sourcing emphasizes on quality, taste, and sustainability; Not only for the environment but for all those

involved in producing that coffee. Procuring our coffees at origin means the benefit stays within the local

economy maximizing our impact.

Palma Coffee was started for the love of coffee which means, we don't have to compromise.

We only roast coffees that we can get excited about, and after trying them, you will too.

Manuel, Amanda, and Carl


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Contact Us

Retail Customers:

For general questions regarding your order, any specific coffee or how we sourced that coffee,

please email us at info@palmacoffee.com

Wholesale Customers:

If you are a retailer, cafe or restaurant looking to stock or use Palma Coffee as your trusted coffee supplier please send an email over to manuel@palmacoffee.com for wholesale pricing.

Coffee Suppliers:

Building relationships is our favorite part of being in coffee and we value engaging with our industry.

If you are a coffee farm or a coffee exporter please send an email to manuel@palmacoffee.com 

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Coffee Archive

Palma Journal:

Marcala - Marcala, Honduras