Palma Coffee is the embodiment of our love for learning about coffee.

Headquartered in Sarasota, our friend and partner Carl roasts our coffee in a nifty 10 lb Artisan Xe, a fluid bed coffee roaster. Light and medium roasts only.

We buy small batches of delicious single origin coffee that is always clearly traced, even our blends, and prioritize sourcing coffees that are sustainably grown, fair-trade and/or organic. 


Palma Coffee is business used as a tool to create social impact, by focusing on the provenance of our coffees we seek to highlight and showcase the most crucial protagonists in the coffee supply chain, the people involved in growing and producing the elixir that is coffee.

We started Palma Coffee for the love of coffee which means we don't have to compromise. We only roast coffees that we can get excited about, and after trying them, you will too.

Manuel Montenegro & Amanda Govic


Reviews of our past coffees:

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