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Previous Coffee Release: BESHASHA High Altitude Natural from Ethiopia

Updated: May 23, 2022

Released November 28th, 2021

Coffee was first found growing wild in Ethiopia, long long before it was ever planted for production, and long before it was ever brewed for drinking. The Coffea family comprised of almost up to 100 heirloom varieties has existed around the Kaffa region in Jima for millions of years. We purposely took our time finding the right Ethiopian coffee that encapsulates the unique flavors of this origin. Most of these flavors are found in dry processed coffees, so we had to choose a naturally processed coffee to share with you.

Typically coffees from Africa are farmed by small plot holders and are not traceable to single farmer level so when we heard that this coffee was grown, harvested, processed, and exported by a single farmer, Mahamed Aba Nura we could not pass up the opportunity to showcase this rarity. Aba Nura’s farm is roughly 18 hectares and sits around 2000 meters above sea level. Beshasha is a town in Southwest Ethiopia in the Gomma woreda, the same district as Limmu. For years coffee from Beshasha has been sold as "Limmu Grade 1" but thanks to new regulations, since 2018, farmers like Aba Nura have been able to apply for an export license so they can sell their coffee in a more direct way.

This coffee is both fragrant and sweet. Perfect for pour over with a medium to heavy body and moderate brightness.

It's sun dried on raised beds giving it the funkiness we love from naturals, but remains a balanced, uniform taste from first sip to last.

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