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Previous Coffee Release: Natural Red Bourbon from Kayanza, Burundi

Released April 28th, 2023

Burundi - Nemba Washing Station - Natural - Red Bourbon

Nemba Washing Station

Coffees from Africa never seize to amaze us; though the logistics are very different than in Latin American countries, the genetic diversity of coffee varietals is unparalleled. The typical coffee farmer in Burundi, as in most of Africa, owns but a couple of hectares. Families usually plant only a few coffee trees, so they normally can't sell them as an entire micro-lot. Instead, they take their coffees to the nearest washing station and sell what they've harvested there. The washing station buys the coffee in cherry and processes it along with the other farmers' coffee from the region. The Nemba washing station itself supports over 3,000 producers, providing them with tools, resources, and community outreach programs.

What's in the cup

This is a naturally processed Red Bourbon which was inoculated with a specific yeast called CIMA during fermentation. This yeast is one of a few commercially available yeasts that was developed hand in hand with the producers in Burundi to elevate the cup quality and hopefully earn them a premium. Premium is the right word for this coffee, bursting with fruit notes like blueberry and grape. This coffee stands out and stands up to any brewing method, espresso, Kyoto, and on pour over it is juicy, gushing with fruit with a dense mouthfeel as it cools. We are lucky to have stumbled upon this coffee and feel grateful for the ability to share it with you. ORIGIN INFORMATION Contents: Freshly Roasted Whole Bean Coffee Growers: 3113 smallholder farmers Region: Kayanza, Burundi Elevation/Altitude: 1700 MASL Plant Species: Arabica Variety/Cultivars: Red Bourbon Process: Inoculated Yeast Natural

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