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Previous Coffee Release: Nuevo Mexico

Released October 15, 2022

The Mexican state of Chiapas is the country's leader in coffee production, both in the amount of hectares planted with coffee as well as coffee producers. There is a strong coffee culture there and some stellar coffees in the area east of the state's capital which shares the border with Guatemala.

This Nuevo Mexico is a quality coffee from a skilled producer. Ricardo Ibarra's coffee farm is located in the Sierra Madre de Chiapas surrounded by wildlife corridors, part of a larger natural reserve. A true familiy operation, Ricardo's grandfather bought the farm and about 35 years ago Ricardo and his father started planting coffee.

Only perfectly ripe coffee beans are picked for this coffee. These strikingly red cherries are packed with natural sugars that become all sorts of flavor precursors during fermentation. Anacafé 14 is a Pacamara and Catimor hybrid developed in Guatemala for its resistance to Coffee Leaf Rust.

This delicious washed coffee delivers a super clean, uniform cup with pronounced sweetness complemented by notes of dried fig, chocolate, black cherry, and almond butter.

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