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Previous Coffee Release: KINTAMANI Indonesian Natural

Released February 9th, 2022

Things have continued to fall into place around here in the last few months, we continue building relationships, exploring exciting coffees, and our processes keep getting better. We recently bought an Ikawa sample roaster and it's allowed us to find this beautiful coffee we present to you today.

Kintamani is a natural-processed coffee from the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia. Nestled in the Kintamani highlands, the producers of this coffee form part of Subak Abian

co-ops who live in harmony with their environment.

This coffee is farmed organically with no pesticides, planted in volcanic soils and shaded by trees like erythrina, tangerine, and orange, which improve yield and cup quality and enhances wildlife habitat, earning it a Rain Forest Alliance certification.

Kintamani is sun-dried on raised beds where it obtains a beautiful strawberry jam-like fruitiness due to fermentation.Thick and creamy with a sweet edge like a traditional Indonesian cup with hints of acidity, it delivers a great experience with every sip.

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