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Previous Coffee Release: MARCALA Organic Coffee from Honduras


We are proud to introduce this delicious organic coffee from the protected designation of origin Marcala, Honduras. This cup is nice and chocolaty with medium acidity and abundant fruit sweetness like cherry.

Marcala is a region in the west central area of Honduras known for some of the highest quality coffees in the country, such high quality that it was the first Central American growing area to gain Protected Origin Denomination for coffee. Learn more about this DO in our latest blog post here. Honduras has a full deck when it comes to coffee production, soaring altitudes, beautiful weather and perfect soil. With updated farming techniques and more modern agricultural standards, Honduran coffees from areas like Marcala rival high grown Guatemalan coffees in flavor and body.

Aside from being certified organic, this coffee is SHG or "Strictly High Grown" in reference to the high altitude of the plantings which cause a longer maturation, with more time for the bean to develop and enhance its flavors. (Pssst! All our coffees are high grown) This amazing coffee was produced by COMSA, a co-op founded in 2001 with a vision of creating new and alternative development opportunities for small-scale coffee farmers in Marcala. The organization originally brought together 69 small-scale farmers, they are now 1500. COMSA lives by and preaches a philosophy of sustainability, they farm and teach biodynamic farming. The premium they receive from their organic and fair trade certifications allow them to continue this transfer of knowledge and perpetuate the wellbeing of this region.

An exquisite coffee from a remarkable organization, what else can you ask for?

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