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Iced Chemex Recipe

Some time back we shared a step-by-step Flash Brewed iced coffee recipe because the days were hot and drinking hot coffee was proven challenging. Spring is here and with the heat comes prime iced coffee drinking time. We go back to this recipe often but since we find ourselves using our Chemex more and more, I wanted to tweak a few things.

The Chemex is ubiquitous in specialty coffee, it is not only a stunning piece of art but it's straight forward to use and it pretty much always delivers a good cup. Since we use natural paper filters I tend to grind the coffee Medium Coarse, just a tad bit coarser than for white paper filters.

What you will need:

Chemex Pour Over 5-Cup


22g freshly ground coffee

250g of water into kettle

150g of ice (6 ice cubes for us)

We are sticking to the 1:18 water-to-coffee ratio and still counting the ice cubes in the total weight of the water.

Iced Chemex Instructions:

Set water to boil, let it rest for a couple seconds after it reaches temperature.

Insert Ice cubes into Chemex and place filter, make sure the thicker half of the filter sits on the spout side.

Place coffee inside of filter, pour a small initial amount of water to make it bloom and release some of its gases. Continue pouring water in a circular motion, make sure to wet the whole coffee bed equally.

As the coffee is brewing, you will see the ice start melting, instantly cooling down your coffee.

If all the ice cubes don't melt completely just spin the Chemex a few times until they are done.

Once the coffee is done brewing, remove the spent filter and compost. We serve our coffee

with a large ice cube a lemon garnish which complements it nicely, enjoy!

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