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Flash Brewed Coffee

Making flash brewed coffee is a necessity in hotter and hotter days. Luckily, Japanese style iced coffee can be made in various brewing devices like we showed in our recent Iced Chemex entry and on our much older and more thorough Flash Brew iced coffee recipe. While creating the former, we realized we'd never officially shared this video.

In this iced pour coffee instruction video we used a Hario Drip pot, because aside from looking so cool, it's a great serving size for one or two people but the nature of the cloth filters makes us grind our coffee a little coarser. We also include the ice cube weight into our water measurements, since as the ice melts your coffee-to-water ratio will change. you can use

-/+ 360g, we find this to be a winning combination which ensures that you have enough ice

in the bottom of your vessel to ensure that the coffee remains cold, while simultaneously giving you enough hot water to brew the coffee. Scroll to the bottom for our YouTube video.

How to flash chill coffee

  • Weigh your ice and water.

  • Grind coffee coarsely

  • Boil water then let rest for ten seconds.

  • Pour a little initially to wet the whole coffee bed and allow 30 seconds for the coffee to bloom.

  • Pour the remainder of the water unto the coffee, try to pour evenly and directly on the coffee. Once you are finished pouring.

  • Serve on ice and enjoy cold.

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