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Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Flash brew iced coffee to be exact. Japanese iced coffee aka flash brew coffee is a delicious and instant way to brew a lovely iced cup of coffee while still highlighting the essence of the coffee beans being used.

In contrast with Cold Brew coffee, flash brew iced coffee produces a cleaner cup.

We have brewed multiple different single origin and double origin coffees with this method and have found that even the most complex coffees shine when prepared this way.

Whereas cold brew is extracted inside your fridge for over 12 hours, Japanese flash brew iced coffee is ready to drink in no time. Flash brewing is basically a pour over directly over ice. By placing the ice cubes below the coffee bed, the coffee comes in contact with the ice

immediately after being brewed and it cools down in a flash.

What you will need

Coffee Dripper and Carafe

Whole bean coffee


Coffee grinder


Ice Cubes


How to Flash Brew Coffee

We like to use a 1:18 coffee to water ratio, we account the ice cube weight as part of the water weight. Since we will be using 20g of coffee, we will need 360g of H2O.

Six (6) of our ice cubes weigh 149g, we tried with 5 ice cubes a few times but the coffee was lukewarm once we were done, by the same token, too many ice cubes mean less boiled water will be available to extract the coffee initially.

Pour 211g (360 - 149 = 211) of water in your kettle and set to boil. Once the water has reached boiling temperature, set aside and let rest of ten seconds.

We are using the Hario V60 filter for this recipe since it is widely accessible, though often times we use our Hario Woodneck Drip Pot. Different filters impart their own taste unto your final cup, so choosing a filter is based on personal preference.

Rinse your paper filter and pour the 20g of ground coffee into it. Pour enough water unto the coffee as to cover it completely and wait 30 seconds to let it bloom. Continue pouring evenly and in a circular motion, making sure the coffee bed stays wet. Once brewing is complete, serve neat or on ice. Enjoy!

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