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Espresso and Soda, the summer drink that wakes you up.

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Summer is here and though hardcore coffee drinkers will still drink hot espressos and pour overs, most of us, especially here in Florida, just want a refreshing drink. In a time when refreshing summer drinks mostly come in the form of alcoholic beverages, a non alcoholic but equally satisfying drink that you can sip in the long summer days is necessary. We recently found our favorite cold coffee drink, Espresso and Soda.

espresso and soda

Espresso with soda water is sometimes called “Espressoda”, Sparkling Espresso, and who knows how many other names. It is as simple as it sounds, espresso, ice cubes, and soda water. However, we've made some variations to this basic recipe to truly make it the best cold espresso drink.

Espresso with soda recipe

It all starts with the coffee; we are using SEY’s Yabitu Koba which is La Marzocco Home’s espresso beans of the month. This is a wonderful coffee that will make a good base for our drink. We made our own simple syrup from brown sugar and cut up a half slice of tangerine as we were out of oranges. Aside from oranges, in the past we have used lemon, we find that the citrus accentuates the rest of the ingredients and ties them together.

Pour a tablespoon of simple syrup into a chilled glass with ice. Pull a double espresso of your choice and borrowing the Japanese iced coffee technique pour it into the glass, making sure the espresso shot comes in contact directly with the ice, this helps with the aromatics.

espresso and soda with citrus

Pour the soda water over the ice as well, this will prevent the sparkling water from reacting with the crema and creating a volcano effect. Use as little or as much soda water as you like, squeeze a bit of the citrus then garnish. What you end up with is a perfect, delicate, refreshing drink for the sunny days ahead. Enjoy!

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