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Pink Bourbon Coffee

In November of last year we set out for Cauca, Colombia with one main goal, to find some Pink Bourbon. After a couple of days in Cajibio our friends at Tecnicafe delivered. They scored us some incredible coffee from the award winning Granja Paraiso 92; Wilton Benitez is at the helm of this cutting edge coffee farm and his partner gave us some Orange Bourbon and Pink Bourbon which were being packaged on their way to South Korea.

Though both coffees were the favorites at the cupping table that day, I still often think of that Bourbon Rosado, it showed me the incredible level that coffee can be elevated to. Pink Bourbon is the naturally occurring mutation between Red and Yellow Bourbon, this is said to have originated in Colombia and it’s pretty much the only place we’ve been able to find some.

Today we cupped another fantastic Borbon Rosado hailing from Acevedo, Huila via our friends at CATA Exports. Just like they promised, we were blown away by the tasting notes of lemongrass, Panela, and grapefruit that we got at the lighter roasts points. This is a deliciously nuanced coffee, a great expression of this varietal.

Coffee varieties like Geisha, Wush-Wush, Maragogype, and Pink Bourbon are the next frontier for coffee enthusiasts. The amount of differentiation in these exotic varietals is paramount, sometimes so floral as to feel tea-like and with very complex acidity. Akin to the experience with trying fine wine, exquisite coffees should be prepared and consumed in a way worthy of their caliber.

We’re glad to announce that the goal we set out on our first origin trip to Colombia has been accomplished. We have secured a shipment of Double Fermentation Bourbon Rosado from Finca Bet-el in Valle del Cauca which we will hand brewing at our new café coming to Sarasota later this year.

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