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Yellow Gesha - Colombian Single Origin

Finca La Cumbre sits on a mountaintop in Palermo, Huila, a steep 1.5 to 2 hour climb reveals a paradise in the clouds. La Cumbre stands for summit, or peak and at 1,900+ meters above sea level, the name rings true.


La Cumbre is not only breathtaking, but the Chinchilla family really have a passion for coffee. Ancelmo Chinchilla (Leo’s father) took over the farm in the 90s and was the first person to start planting coffee, Leo took over in 2015 and renovated a lot of the coffee trees by planting high profile coffees such as Pink Bourbon, Cidra, Ethiope, and Gesha.


As we walked through their coffee plantations the father and son duo were quick to point out their Yellow Gesha variety, stating that it is very rare to find Yellow Gesha, at least in Huila. We picked a bean or two and were blown away by the sweetness of the velvety mucilage, we knew we had a winner.


This semi-washed Yellow Gesha was depulped and underwent 48 hours anaerobic fermentation, followed by 24 hours oxidative with a few days sun drying in the patio. The purpose of these fermentations is to highlight some of the unique properties in the bean without losing the Gesha profile we are all accustomed to. The result is a lively, delicate, and juicy cup with those classic floral notes that make this variety so popular.


Yellow Gesha - Colombian Single Origin


    Colombia Single Origin

    Subegion: Palermo, Huila

    Process: Semi-Washed

    Producer: Leo Chinchilla

    Elevation/Altitude: 1900 MASL


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