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Cascara Tea - Coffee Cherry Tea



Cascara is the Spanish word for peel or skin of a fruit. In this case we are refering to the skin of the coffee fruit.


Historically, the skins removed after depulping are used to create organic compost. Though still common practice, producers are choosing to sell their Cascara in order to diversifty. 


Farm: Las Lajas

Practices: Organic

Origin: Alajuela, Costa Rica 



10 Grams of Cascara per 12oz of water

Steep in water at 205 F for 5 minutes for hot tea

Steep in water for 12-18 hours in fridge for iced tea

Cascara Tea - Coffee Cherry Tea

  • 300 G Bag of Coffee Fruit Skins 

    Plant Species: Arabica

    Process: Honey Processed Coffee Skins

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