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Pink Bourbon - Colombian Single Origin

Friends of Palma know a thing or two about the Pink Bourbon variety, they are also familiar with Finca Bet-el where Cesar Ledesma continues to produce world-class coffees; and though most Pink Bourbon coming out of Colombia hails from Huila, Cesar and a few other producers are putting Valle del Cauca on the map for exotic varietals.


This is a semi-washed coffee which undergoes an initial anaerobic fermentation in cherry and a second fermentation after it is depulped resulting in a bright, clean, juicy coffee. We love this coffee on V60 pour over where we taste red berries, starfruit, and a hint of bittersweet cacao. 


Pink Bourbon - Colombian Single Origin


    Colombia Single Origin

    Subegion: Darien, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

    Process: Semi-washed

    Producer: César Andrés Ledesma Bermúdez

    Elevation/Altitude: 1600 MASL

    Arabica Varietal: Pink Bourbon

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