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X4 Geisha - Colombian Competition Coffee

Friends of Palma are familiar with Finca Bet-el by now. Cesar, the owner of Bet-el, opened our eyes to how special coffee can truly be with his Pink Bourbon. We are thrilled to be on this ride as he continues to push the envelope in advanced processing techniques that is clearly on display in this cup of X4.


This competition level coffee is the results of years of labor which started by identifying the four coffee trees with the most genetic potential for cup quality and then breeding an entire lot from the 4 standouts. 


After years of the trees maturing, the ripest fruits are now hand picked and undergo two separate controlled anaerobic fermentations which deliver a striking, unconventional Geisha. Notes of plum, grape, and cacao nib not usually found in this variety excite our palate, coupled with delightful aromas which make this coffee a pleasure to drink. 


Barista professionals around the world have found this coffee just as exciting as we do here at Palma, choosing the X4 as their brew to compete in various competitions globally. Yeah, its that good! 


Try it yourself on V60 at the shop or get a jar shipped right to your door to give it a whirl.

X4 Geisha - Colombian Competition Coffee


    Colombian Competition Coffee

    Subegion: Darien, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

    Process: Anaerobic Natural

    Producer: César Andrés Ledesma Bermúdez

    Elevation/Altitude: 1600 MASL


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