The perfect blend. These two coffees can stand on their own but as always, it is better when we are together. The Colombian coffee is from Pitalito municipality of Huila, in the south west of the country between the eastern and western peaks of the Andes mountain range.

The Kenyan coffee is from Kiaga washing station in the Nyeri highlands.

Tasting notes of dark chocolate, mandarin orange, lemon, and tart cherry.

Pull coffee shop quality espresso at home with this delicious blend, though it also performs well on Chemex, Cold Brew, or your favorite brewing method.


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Cumbia - Colombia Kenya Double Origin Blend

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  • Contents: Freshly Roasted Whole Bean Coffee

    Subregions: Pitalito/El Tigre, Huila Colombia; Nyeri, Kikuyu, Kenya

    Elevation Altitude: 1300 - 1800 masl

    Plant Species: Arabica

    Process: Fully Washed, dried in the sun